David Scadden

David Scadden, Sunny Days Nurseries

In 1975, I started working in a children’s nursery in Weymouth, when it was rare to see men working in any childcare role. These days there are more men involved but it is still the exception, being predominantly a female industry.

Over a 50 year career, running a childcare business is one of the most demanding and challenging things I have done. I have launched and run other businesses, retail florist shop, restaurant and wine bar, property development, children’s homes, and I have held other management and executive roles in business, local authorities, and charities.

It’s Sunny Days 25th anniversary in October and these past 25 years have been not only the most demanding and challenging, but also immensely enjoyable and rewarding.

Creating and maintaining the highest service quality and customer experience. Recruiting and developing the right mix of people. Keeping finances healthy by managing slender margins and tight cashflows, and all the bills paid each and every month! Early years education is essential, and Sunny Days is where young children make friends for life, learn to share, cooperate and become accountable for their actions, and acquire vital skills.

It’s still a thrill to see a toddler learn to build a tower with blocks learning and counting, shapes, spatial awareness, dexterity, fine motor skills and developing patience. They set down their learning habits to one day become a business leader, teacher, nurse, farmer, or astronaut. We teach the children to uphold our core values, to smile, to strive, and stay safe.

All of this alongside a superwoman my wife Joy.