Today a group of the Pre-School children from our eco-committee helped to clean the beach at West Bay with help from the adults.

Before we left we read a book about the damage plastics are having on the oceans and the sea animals. We spoke about how we can help by clearing up some of the litter so that it gets disposed of correctly without hurting the planet anymore.

Whilst out the children discussed how the animals eat the different bits of litter and how it can make them poorly or cause them to die! The children were fantastic with using their gloves and pickers to collect the litter and made a good start to our topic.

When we were back from the beach we went through the litter and talked about what was recycling and what was rubbish. We counted the different items and made a bar chart to show what we had found.

The item we found the most of was micro plastics with a close runner up of fishing rope and netting. We also found 2 items that were from a different country, across the sea!