Every day is a new adventure with a wealth of exclusive activities taught by dedicated teachers

All of our little ones spend their days with us learning through play, engaging activities and social interaction, giving them a solid foundation in the Early Years Curriculum and Foundation Stage Learning.

But growing children need much more to truly excel — and that’s why we provide a wide variety of extracurricular activities taught by experienced, qualified subject teachers.



Rugbytots will be joining us every Monday morning with carefully structured play sessions which will engage your toddler and Pre-schooler’s imagination whilst being energetic. Your child will be moving, developing their key muscle groups, balance, gross motor skills, and coordination – and of course have loads of fun!!

A Sunny Days Parent

"My children love all the fun activities that Sunny Days provide. They are always super excited to attend and chatter incessantly when they come home about all the things they have been doing. "



Laura Kent

"In possibly the most depressing January on record I just want to say thank you to you and your team for continuing to take brilliant care of L and giving him a pocket of normality in this weird world we are living in. It is a difficult and concerning time for everyone and I hope your team realise how much they are appreciated."

From our babies through to our pre-schoolers, everyone thoroughly enjoys the music brought to us by our Early Years Musician. Your little one will get to have a play with a variety of music instruments, learn fun songs and best of all, sing along and feel the joy of music every Friday!!


Play Loft

play loft

We are so lucky to have an incredible soft play gym inside our setting with a huge ball pool, net ladders, fishbowl, and swing! The Play Loft gives your little one many physical development opportunities especially when the weather isn’t particularly good outside!!

Chris & Claire Jones

"Just wanted to thank SunnyDays staff for the fantastic care you have provided to both my daughters over the last 5 years - they both would really enjoyed their time with you guys and would highly recommend your service to other parents."


French with Isabel

Every Tuesday our very own French teacher, visits to give our children an immersive language experience. Studies show that children who have even the most basic understanding of another language, can think more laterally, have better problem-solving skills and a greater capacity for imagination. The children thoroughly enjoy these exciting lessons, and we believe this early learning of another language can inspire greater opportunities later in life.

French with Isabel

Cooking with Claire

On a Wednesday Claire will be cooking up something yummy with the 3-5 year olds! Learning how to measure, pour, count, and improve fine motor skills will come in handy for sure, and don’t forget the smells, textures, and tastes that your little ones will experience too!


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