Food and Nutrition

Our delicious food menu here at Sunny Days is created by our in-house Children’s Chef Sarah and Kitchen assistant Kevin, following the government guidelines for health and nutrition. We cater for all allergies and dietary and cultural requirements- vegan, vegetarian, dairy free, gluten free and more…

Our food is cooked on site using fresh ingredients delivered daily and our menus evolve and improve constantly thanks to the feedback from both the staff, parents and our children of course!
We are thrilled to now be working alongside the Early Years Nutritionist Partnership to continue striving for excellent seasonal menus for the children including breakfast, morning snacks, lunch and afternoon snacks.

Healthy food served throughout the day


Selection of fortified, low sugar cereals or toast and fresh fruit with dairy or plant-based milk.

Morning snack

Prepared fresh every morning – crackers, veggie sticks, cheese and fruit. 


course ‘Home style’ hot lunches cooked from fresh every day.

Afternoon snack

Fruits, bread sticks, cheese, veggie sticks salads, soups, homemade pastries and more..

In partnership with

The Early Years Nutrition Programme

We want you to be confident that we, Sunny Days are committed to providing healthy and nutritious food and the appropriate environment for good nutrition. We have made a commitment to healthy eating in our nurseries by joining the Early Years Nutrition Partnership programme, an independent social enterprise working to improve the future health outcomes of young children.

We are now working alongside the EYN Partnership’s Registered Nutritionist Melanie Smith, benefitting from their expertise and the tailored support they are providing to our staff and the children in our care.  We will be working with Melanie on developing our menus, reviewing our food policy and thinking about how we teach the children in our care about healthy eating and positive mealtime experiences.

EYN Partnership resources have been developed using the expertise of the British Nutrition Foundation and the Early Years Alliance with guidance from the EYN Partnership Expert Panel.